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RC Patch 2.2 (Direct link) - Download/Descargar

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- You can Install 2.2 over RC 2.1 or new EE.
- If you want to install AOC as well, then install RC 2.2 after installing AOC.

Note: RC 2.2 is needed for Empire Earth rooms in Gameranger.

Play in Lobby here: Neo EE

Friday, October 26, 2012

RC 2.1 Features

Install Instructions:

  1. Download & Run RC 2.1 Patch. (No need to uninstall game or Alpha 1.5)
  2. Follow setup instructions
  3. Select the folder where Empire Earth is installed.
  4. Finish and Enjoy.


Some people are having trouble playing in lobby after installing RC. It wasn't tested and recommended with Lobby, but still we are working on that, and try to solve it as soon as possible and will let everyone know. 

RC Patch 2.1 Features.

This is the Second version of RC patch for Empire Earth for Gameranger players online.

After the brilliant work by RealForce in alpha 1.5 in anti cheat detailing we tried to  improve those loop holes which  people were taking benefit of. Thanks to Realforce for his Previous Patch work that we are now able to make one of best patch till now of Empire Earth with much Improved Anti-Cheating in this patch.

- Cheat Codes have been fully disabled, (which cannot work even in Single player)
- Tribute glitch is almost impossible now
 - Trainers are disabled
 - many other types of cheating is also disabled.  

However 100% free cheating is still not guaranteed. But still for now, its   something  better then Alpha 1.5 and Lobby.

RC 2.1 contains all the features of Alpha 1.5
Many Extra features in RC 2.1 are included to increase the fun in EE. It includes improved Anti-cheat, Unlocked Units, Textures & other changes :

- Unlocked Units:
    - Moorish Infantry, Moorish Cavalry, Husakari, Samurai (For Epoch Middle)
    - New Aircrafts ( For Epoch WW1 & ww2) - Specially for people playing WW1, WW2 (or Islands F11 60) sets.
    - Cargo Truck ( Epoch WW1 )
    - German Infantry & German Machine Gun (Epoch ww1 - ww2)
    - Hover Tank (Nano)
    - Some other features also.

- Patch Changes:

    - Crossbows Cost reduced to 15%, and build time decrease by 12%
    - Anti-Tank Helicopter Cost Reduced.
    - Siege Towers Hitpoints decreased.

- Textures:

 Some new textures are included in Textures folder.

- Swords Textutre 

- Knights Texture 

- Morish infantry Texture

- Nice Grass Textures

- New Nuclear bomb as Hydrogen Bomb

and Some more Textures have also been added

 Royal Champions Team

Click here to go to ][ Royal Champions ][ Website

(If You have any Errors, Questions or Suggestion regarding Patch, you can comment below. We will try our best to help you out.)

You can also Contact following members: Click on the Name Link to Message them in GameRanger :-



  1. Guys Please give your Positive and Negative Review for Current EE 2.1 Patch so that we are able to make EE and GR Environment better for fair game play :)

    1. Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download Now

      >>>>> Download Full

      Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download LINK

      >>>>> Download Now

      Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download Full

      >>>>> Download LINK oM

  2. Königstiger *Heart*November 1, 2012 at 3:33 PM

    Well, first great work. I like how the Mid ages will have a complete new way to play, specially who plays on foot melee. Sword Horses have now some more potential too.

    any thoughts of changing Indy and such epochs? there are some other editor units on that ages, such as the British Grenadier or the achinkagu (or whatever it is spelled) and the spanish units.

    and as final note, a better description, a read me with more details would be nice, so people would know exactly what they will find and don't have to spend some time testing against the pc XD things like " - Some other features also." are avoidable ;)

    aout the textures, some are nice, I knew some of them already from EE Heaven, but, I prefer mine texture set :p

  3. Thanks Königstiger, for your encouraging comments, we really loved it. There were "some other features" because the work on this patch was started 2-3 months ago. So we thought we are forgetting some of other things that we added :P, whatever we remembered we wrote and it is best updated in this website :)

    For new units, most people are liking this thing a lot, but a few pros don't want this because they think it will affect the balance of the game. But still there is a lot of time for the next patch and if we will decide to put more units in it, your suggestion will always be kept in mind. :D

    Thanks a lot bro, Enjoy and have fun :)

  4. Königstiger *Heart*November 1, 2012 at 6:50 PM

    Well, some people have their strategies so hard-wired they don't like the idea of making new ones. I'll be runing this mod with a friend to find out unbalancements meanwhile ;)

  5. Even i think that there is nothing wrong in opening them. It will help to add more fun to EE :)

  6. I can't download 2.1 to my EE because I have it in the desktop and not in the c drive. putting ee in my c drive corrupts it for some reason. Any solutions?

  7. Hi Anthony, its a common problem that many people have when they have their EE in some other folder. The only thing you need to do when installing Patch is to Select Your Empire Earth desktop folder during install.
    (Here are the links how to do it)

    1. Click "Change" (or whaterver word in your language)
    2. In other menu Select dropdown
    3. Then select your Empire Earth Desktop folder.
    (which may probably in C:\Documents and Settings\"YourName"\Desktop\Empire Earth\)

    Then install game there and check the version, it will work ;)

    But if you still have any problem with the patch, you can message me on GameRanger ID=(1010465).Or anyone else from the names given in the post.
    Goodluck ;)

  8. una pregunta.

    actualize la version 2.1 pero a los dos dias de averlo jugado en gameranger me dice que se actualizo a la version 2.1.6854 osea estoy un poco superior a los demas y no puedo jugar porfa ayuda

  9. Esto sucede cuando se tiene más de una versión del juego EE instalado en su computer. Le sugiero desinstalar todas las versiones Empire Earth y el parche. Luego vuelva a instalar el juego.

    Después de eso, descargue e instale Alpha 2.8 (Mega-Installer) desde arriba. Esto se solucionará el problema ;)
    Si no, responda aquí de nuevo. Gracias ;)

  10. Hi,

    I downloaded the patch without downloading any previous ones, I had the game in a folder on the desktop so I transferred it to C:/Program files(x86)/EmpireEarth.
    The game works, but the multiplayer doesn't, when I join in with others, it shows a message.
    It says " you must have the version 2.1.000000 to be able to play with other players, you have version 2.1.6..... some numbers. " That's not literally what it said, but that's what it meant.

    Help would be appreciated, thanks.

    1. RC 2.1 is for install over version 1.00.2020 or Alpha only. It means your game version should be version 1.00.2020 before installing RC patch.

      - Tell me what version it is before installing patch.
      - Also tell me the exact version of the empire earth after install what you have... 2.10.6**** ???
      (please reply)

  11. Patch version "2.10.6885" error.

    This problem is mostly occuring to people when they have installed MegaInstaller or if they have EE installed at 2 places on computer.

    Solution :
    1. Open "Run" from Start
    2. Type "regedit" (registery editor will open)
    3. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software
    4. Find and Delete a folder name "SSSI"
    5. Close and run game.

  12. the patch works fine for EE, but it causes an error when trying to play EEAOC, says it encountered a problem and needs to close, when i removed the rc2.1 patch, EEAOC all of a sudden worked again. any ideas?

    1. Install Empire Earth in 2 folders. With 1st folder install AOC. Make a second folder for RC 2.1 (GameRanger) somewhere else in your computer and install RC 2.1 patch in that folder. Run your GameRanger game with the second folde.
      AOC may have no problem after that.

  13. Hey friend I install the patch perfectly but when I begin an item in gameranger the EE opens I see the video but later there goes out for me a message of mistake that The introduction says " 0x22 ... (slightly this way) there refers to the memory (another rare number) the memor to one cannot read " I believe that it is a problem of the memory RAM my memory RAM it is of 1GB that I can do to solve this problem?

    1. Sorry, I never heard about this problem before. But try to reinstall game and patch again.

    2. 1gb is pretty low isint it? I think you need a minimum of 2gb to run EE ?

    3. No, not RAM may be. I had 512 on old PC earlier and it used to work fine ;)

  14. I hope you will fix the helicopters features, hp and attak should be increased, and maybe you should decrease cost by at least 50% (helicopters are shipper than planes..)
    any how, helicopters should be usefull in modern sh games, there are 2 units who are completely useless right now.

    1. We may do these changes if most of people agree to accept these changes, including old players. Because we have already faced many criticisms for making changes to the classic form of game. Changes are good, but many old players want EE to remain as it used to be 12 years ago. We may do if everyone agrees.

  15. I started back in april of 2002, so I would consider myself one of the old schoolers and am very much appreciative of this patch. if at all possible, I think all units, building and so forth should be unlocked! if you can make new units to add such as a General Patton or ninjas like on aoc, would be freaking crazy good. thanks for eveything

    1. Thanks Johnny, but many old players disagree with it and want EE to remain as it used to be 12 years ago. So its hard for us to make any further changes. Hope they agree.

  16. these patches dont mean shit when you can still hex a civ .. ..some other guy just today had a civ with +6 X bow range .... the same player beat me in under 12 mins with a massed army of X cannot humanly produce that many X bows unless you have Just in time manufacturing or your civ goes

    5700 0000 5700 0000 5700 0000 4f00 4f00

    should I mention his name? I didnt check the final resource tally to proof but we all know what s going on ...

    1. Using of hex civis cannot be stopped in EE, to stop we may have to change whole EE setup.
      The only easy way to stop them was by making people use the civis that we will provide with the patch. But by this way no one can use their own civis. So we left the idea of using these feature.

      Anyway, using hex civi is the stupidest thing to do in EE, because they are the easiest to catch. And whoever uses hex, just block them for ever.

  17. Any ideas about solving this problem:

    Empire Earth.exe - entry point not found.

    The procedure entry point ?Post@TSThread@@QAEJKPAX0@Z could not be located in the dynamic link library Low-Level Engine.dll.

  18. i've installed Windows 8.1 and game doesn't work correctly..should u make a patch for that? in Windows 8 it works but now i cannot see the [] to tick before start a game or i cannot see the map when game start...

    1. You need to put correct resolution settings for your game.

  19. I download the patch, but an error message pops up saying:
    "Windows cannot find 'C:\Users\(Me)\Downloads\RC Patch 2.1.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again."

    However, when I look for it, it's deleted. I turn off my firewall and it still happens.

    1. Do you have an antivirus in your computer? Download the patch again.

  20. existe la manera de instalar estos parches al empire earth the art of conquest ???

    1. Este parche no es para EE- Art of Conquest. Es sólo para nosotros en Empire Earth.

  21. Hello, please can i get a complete walkthrough of installing these patches? i have succuessfulli downloaded and installed the 1.5 alpha patch , when i tri to install the 2.1 or 2.0 it gives errors and missing files ! please full walkthrough plz lol total computer nebw here

  22. hello, plz help when i installin the patsh 2.2 it says wrong ee folder and exit

  23. can u add mirage2000 mig-29 ,su-27 and f-16 in modern age aircrafts, and russian t-72 and t80 in tanks and some other aircraft carrier having sea harrier

  24. Where's the link to download RC Patch 2.1?

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. And what appened with Alpha 2.8? when I click in download Alpha 2.8, "said This web space is expired", I can't dowload more? Sorry my english

  27. Artillery is still overpowered as fuck, do u know anything about balance, kid?

  28. Helicopters are useless u know...
    Ever thought about balance?

  29. Helicopters should be a great new feature in modern age as supposed to ww2, and yet they are still utter garbage, no single player ever uses them

  30. Why take helis when planes are still way more efficient...

  31. Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download Now

    >>>>> Download Full

    Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download LINK

    >>>>> Download Now

    Rc 2.2 Official Patch Website: Rc 2.1 Features >>>>> Download Full

    >>>>> Download LINK


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