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RC Patch 2.2 (Direct link) - Download/Descargar

Mediafire link - Download/Descargar

- You can Install 2.2 over RC 2.1 or new EE.
- If you want to install AOC as well, then install RC 2.2 after installing AOC.

Note: RC 2.2 is needed for Empire Earth rooms in Gameranger.

Play in Lobby here: Neo EE

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RC 2.2 Features

RC Update 2.2

Install Instructions:
        1. Run RC 2.2 Patch. It should be installed on new EE setup (v1.00.2020).
                  - OR, You can install 2.2 over 2.1 patch, but then please don't uninstall 2.1
        2. Follow setup instructions
        3. Select and check option for EE language you want.
        4. Select the folder where Emprie Earth is installed.
        5. Finish and Enjoy.

About 2.2 Update:   
  • RC 2.2 will be the last patch made by RC for GameRanger. After this, no more patches will come from RC.
  • It is is not an Anti cheat but just a small update from previous version of RC 2.1, which reverts back some bad changes of RC 2.1.

New Features:

Includes:  All the features of previous RC 2.1 with:    
  • Crossbows cost and build time is increased back to normal.
  • Some Aircrafts removed from WWII.
  • German Infantry and German Machine Gunner removed from WWI.
  • Game Variants Tournament Low, Deathmatch removed. (Because of a problem that custom scenerios use more resources to upgrade ages.)
  • New Map Scripts: Nerve Columbus, DeadLand, Everglades 2, Winterland.
  • Fix for EE-AOC not running with RC patch.
  • Modern Units are reverted back to original EE units. (by Tarms)
  • and few more small changes.

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